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Hello, we’re Sutton Structural Steel

Sutton Structural Steel knows that construction does not always go as planned. That’s why we have become the most flexible, and easy to work with, supplier of end-to-end structural steel services in Victoria

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We’ve been in the game since 2001 and we’re just getting started.
Our Approach

With 19+ years in the industry, we know that all builders are different. That's why we adapt our process steps to dovetail into your project.  We work together with you seamlessly, minimising delays, reducing mistakes, and saving us both time and money.
Sutton Structural Steel is a family run business, built on traditional values of communication, trust and fair-dinkum partnerships.

Great solutions begin with design.

Great communication
We are in constant communication with you, throughout the job. Minimising holdups, and reducing costly delays
In house draftsmen
We share 3D-drawings with you before approval, easily identifying issues early and reducing costly problems later in the project
We stand by our quote
We’ll match any reasonable quote, meaning that you won’t need to keep switching supplier to get the best price.   And unless there's a material change to the plan, our quote is the quote!

We partner with your business

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They helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz

3D Shop drawings using Tekla